Armed Police Batrider – Story, Characters, Setting

Armed Police Batrider – Story, Characters, Setting Translations

Armed Police Batrider is actually my favorite shmup, so when I learned about the detailed backstory at Raizing’s charmingly outdated official site, it was only natural to translate it. This background lore has since been hosted on various wikis, but I've kept it here for posterity as well. Credit and thanks to NTSC-J at shmupforums for the timeline section!

Zenovia Timeline 1992-2020

1992: “Sai Electronics” is established in California. The company president is Gus Elron (28).

1994: Congress discusses the increasing crime rate among younger people and the increase in the brutality of the crimes.

1996: Smith Brollen, professor at MIT, presents his thesis “Artificial Skeletons and Their Useful Applications.”

1998: At the University of Tsukuba, a highly stable bipedal robot is successfully constructed.

That same year: The United States government launches “Project Salinger” in order to combat the increase in slums due to overpopulation and the rise in unemployment. As a first measure, construction begins of an artificial island between Manhattan and Staten Island.

1999: England’s nuclear power plant “Mancrise” suffers a meltdown. Large amounts of radioactive ash falls over Europe. Ash caught up in the jet stream rains down on regions stretching from the continent of North America to Mongolia. 8000 die in the worst tragedy since WWII.

2002: Japan’s Gigayama Industries absorbs Sai Electronics. The head office moves to Tokyo and changes its name to Gigantech Cybertron.

2003: In order to get out of a 5-year-long, world-wide economic depression, the “Industrial Preferential Treatment Plan” is established in Japan. The capital moves to the city of Umatsuki in Shizuoka prefecture. The surrounding 8 cities become New Tokyo. Old Tokyo-to (currently Tokyo-fu) is protected under business law because it belongs to a region with a group of corporations.

That same year: The Arab Nations announce completion and official adoption of the “Sura Azubia”, the world’s first functional bipedal weapon.

2004: Two kilometers south of New York, the artificial island of “Zenovia” is completed.

2006: Gigantech Cybertron successfully creates cyborg technology for special purposes and announced that it is ready to serve an endless range of capabilities. These experiments where the human body is altered are met with strong protests from religious groups.

That same year: Corporate law is enacted in the states of Michigan, New York, and New Jersey.

2009: GC Co. moves its head offices to Zenovia Island, purchasing 40% of it, and leading to a temporary boom in people moving to the island (known as the New New York Boom).

2010: 70% of the clean-up following the Mancrise power plant disaster (known as the Mancrise Crash) is completed. Census reports announce that deaths due to the disaster reached 20,000 with estimates of those affected by the disaster at 160,000,000.

That same year: The world’ first high altitude platform “Columbia” has a successful maiden launch.

2015: A large-scale revolt breaks out in Manhattan’s Battery Park. 40 people are killed.

2016: A decentralized police force is established in Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York as part of a private trust (called Lorentz’ Law). Each area has 3-5 medium-sized police forces established.

2017: 25% of Zenovia is now a ghetto. Less than 1/3rd of the population is officially registered.

That same year: GC Co. owns 80% of the island of Zenovia. There are no visible plans towards tackling illegal aliens or criminals.

That same year: The United States government, concerned over the large increase in criminal activity, forms a special task force of criminals from the Helter Special Penitentiary (also known as Death Wish Penitentiary). The selected criminals are offered a reduced sentence in exchange for combating crime. An experimental group of 9 are chosen.

2018: Repeated, small scale-scale terrorist activity in Manhattan. At the same time, GC Co. claims complete ownership of Zenovia, which the government publically recognizes.

2019: The United States government finds evidence that GC Co. created weapons and cyborgs for illegal immigrants and criminals.

That same year: The government decides in secret to destroy GC Co. The “Zero Cop” is called into action.

Batrider's amazing cast of characters

Former Police Team

D.D. (23)
Crime: Drug Trafficking (False)

His foolhardy, reckless, and irresponsible personality having alienated him from many of his colleagues and superiors, one day he discovers proof that the Police Chief is involved in drug smuggling in his ward. However, he falls into a trap set by the Chief and is sent to prison. His personality does not change in prison, and after 5 escape attempts, his vitality is recognized and he is chosen to become a ZERO COP.

While he has a strong sense of justice, he is also easily given to prejudices, and has a tendency to brandish about his “personal justice” and make a mess of things. Those who know him all say “he’s a good guy, but…”, and yet it is within that “…” that his true self lies.

Shorty (22)
Crime: Drug Trafficking (False)

Short of stature but strong of heart, her temper may be quick, but her draw is even quicker… and so she is called “Shorty.” She was suspicious of D.D.’s arrest, so she conducted her own independent investigation and discovered he had been set up. However, she gets framed for drug trafficking in the same way and is sent to prison. Even in prison, she refuses to take things lying down and causes all manner of disturbances, and on that basis she is scouted out to be a ZERO COP.

Shorty fanart, drawn by moggel (from pixiv)

On top of her quick temper, she is a dangerous woman who has received the 5th degree in the North American martial arts tournament. However, she is also quite intellectual, and as a hobby she plays chess against computer opponents (no one has been crazy enough to be her opponent). Her teammates D.D. and George are certainly not men known for their patience, and yet they always find themselves in the role of having to hold Shorty back.

Juuji (28)
Crime: Rampage within Police Station; Several Injured

As a police officer he was teamed up with D.D. and Shorty, and they achieved many great successes. But when Juuji found out his partners had been arrested, he flew into a rage inside the police station, critically injuring dozens of people, including the Chief. In prison he spends his days under strict surveillance, worrying about his partners, until he hears a rumor and petitions to become a ZERO COP.

Juuji has Japanese ancestry through his grandfather, a buddhist monk. His real name is Juuji Raiferudo. He idolized his grandfather, who he never met, and spent ten years in solitary meditation and training in the Rocky Mountains, whereupon he received Satori (enlightenment) and descended from the mountain. Thinking he would offer his life up to the service of the world, he became a police officer. It is unknown to what degree his personal version of “Satori” has influenced his character, but he does not show anything, nor does he recite the typical monk’s mantra of “Life is suffering.”

Psychic Team

Maria (15)
Crime: Anti-social Religious Cult Activities

Several years ago the religious cult known as the “Church of Maria’s Resurrection” collapsed and its members were apprehended. Maria, who was the founder of the sect (or better stated, the personification of a deity), had the ability to see the future. Although the power was incomplete, its potential was staggering. Her power attracted the attention of the government and they conducted all manner of tests on her abilities. As a result, the “P.W.” (Psychic Weapon) program was created, with Maria as its first participant.

When she was young, Maria foresaw the moment of her parents’ accidental death. That phantom vision appeared again and again to terrify the young Maria. However, no matter how shocking something is, if its repeated enough it becomes normal. Half a year later, when her parents actually died in that foreseen accident, Maria did not shed a tear. After that she lived on the street for a time, and was then picked up by the Maria cult. Now she has begun her new life of training and experimentation as a government agent, classification “P.W.-1.” No matter the circumstances, she has never shown any emotion. Everything that appears before her eyes is merely a simulation of a reality yet to come, and so she lives in the midst of these lines of fate, tracing them to their conclusion…

Golden (25)
Crime: Marriage Fraud

The world’s number one playboy… and number one con-artist! It is all thanks to his inborn ability to read others’ minds (though it only works on women). So it is only natural that he has been so successful with marriage fraud. He has been married over 200 times! And there are probably countless other women who have been unwittingly deceived by him. Thus Golden spent everyday immersed in wine and women… but this happy life was not to last. Through a simple blunder he fell into the hands of the police, and in exchange for a reduced sentence, he begins his new life of training and experimentation as a Psychic Weapon.

When Golden was 12 years old, he became aware that he could visualize the lusts and desires of women around him. That same year he had his first marriage, and since then he has used his talents ceaselessly and shamelessly. He is “friendly” with women from every part of the world, and has convinced many women to share their fortunes with him (according to his personal testimony). He is basically an optimist, but from time to time a cynical expression will momentarily flash across his face.

Strawman (33)
Crime: Terrorist Activities

Famed bomb maker for the extremist radical ecology group “Little Earth.”1 He possesses the ability, though not yet fully developed, to understand the intentions and thoughts of plants and animals. Because of this power he has developed a deep hostility toward human civilization. However, after a long talk with an aged tree, he comes to reflect on the meaning of his actions, and turns himself in to the police. His talents are noticed by the government and he begins employment as agent “P.W. 3.” Having gone through a long period of training, this will be his first mission. The bike he uses is equipped with a “Psychic Converter” that transforms his psychic powers into energy, and while it is still in the experimental stages, it shows very high performance when coupled with Strawman’s own psychic powers.

As for his personality, he has an extremely gentle, cautious demeanor. Perhaps because he has spoken with plants and animals since he was young, Strawman has a difficult time relating to others, and it often seems that he is looking down on them. In his days as a terrorist he was known as the “Left Hand of God” for his skill as a bomb maker, but he seems determined to never use his talents again toward such ends.

Criminal Team

Birthday (24)
Crime: Multiple Bank Robbery

The beautiful redhead Birthday rides Romero, her lover who has mechanized over 80% of his body and can transform into a motorbike. She is something of a minor celebrity in the criminal world. Together they have assaulted more than 64 banks, and its fair to say that bank robbery is a part of their lifestyle. But even these two were captured all too easily, and before they knew it, had recieved the death penalty. All the banks the world over sighed with relief and slept soundly at night. Several years later, Romero and Birthday became ZERO COPS, and now they terrorize criminals instead of banks.

If you ask Birthday what day her birthday is, she always says its today. She doesn’t know her actual birthday, so it isn’t technically a complete lie, but the truth is its just more fun this way! And so she came to be called Birthday. Although a little flirtatious and loose sometimes, she truly loves Romero, and their power as a team is apparent from how well they’ve worked together. If anything, it stands out a little too much…


Tag-T (26)
Crime: Criminal Bike Gang Leader

Former leader of “Hellraizers”, a bike gang operating in the West coast. Atop his beloved bike Grizzlyvse, he once led hundreds of fellow bikers on the road behind him. They were unstoppable. However, he has now become a government agent ZERO COP. His former gang members all call him a traitorous coward now, but he doesn’t seem to particularly care. As for what he is really thinking… that, no one knows.

With his strong sense of duty, consideration, and courage for his teammates, he is very trusted by all. Perhaps that is why he was able to gather so many to his bike gang in the west coast. With his 30% mechanized body and towering height of over 2 meters, he possesess formidable strength. The “California Circus” incident, in which he stood his ground against over 200 opponents, has become the stuff of legends.

Adam (19)
Crime: Murders

Adam was the top professional killer in the business. He no longer remembers how many he’s killed, nor does he care. He accomplished his work as naturally as one eats breakfast. This being his daily life, Adam thought it would continue forever. But one day, he made a single, fatal mistake. As he lay there watching his blood pool up like an ocean, perhaps he thought “I want to live.” Nonetheless, he died, and only several months later was revived. What awaited him upon awakening was a new mechanized body, and a new employer called the “administration” who gave him countless new “jobs.”

For as long as he can remember he’s been a hired criminal. From stealing, to extortion, to whatever was asked, it didn’t take long to become a professional killer. He is like an artist with his knives, and his skill is peerless. In close combat he has no rival. Even before he did not talk much, but since dying no one has seen him even open his mouth. For some reason he spends a lot of time with Tag T.

Several of the Batrider bikes.

Guest Characters

GAIN, the Warrior (27)

A self-styled ultimate warrior on his quest to find the ultimate weapon. Lately he seems to have become a dimensional traveler, and this time he ends up in New York, the year 2019. But no matter where he goes, his aggression is unflagging. Together with his navigator monkey Shain’s two sons, Kain and Dain, he’ll crush any foe that appears before him.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I’ll be the last man standing!”

CHITTA, the Magic-user (21)

A youthful magician with terrible magical powers lurking within. The “continental war” she was involved in before was quite fun, but she’s really excited about New York this time! There Chitta was, happily shopping and searching for all the latest clothes and accesories… but when she encounters a group of criminals robbing a bank, she chases after them and gets dragged into the battle with the GC Corporation.

“When this is over I’m going to see a real Broadway musical!”

MIYAMOTO, the Samurai Dragon (71)

A golden Samurai Dragon who soars through the heavens. While deeply engaged in his training in the mountains, a blinding light suddenly appeared before him and dragged him in. Since then, he has been drifting through time and space. Because of his stature and appearance, he immediately becomes a sensation in New York, but he feels ill at ease in this environment. In time he teams up with Chitta and gets involved in the fight against the GC Corporation.

“I smell evil… if I defeat this, can I go home?!”

BORNHAM, the Necromancer (Age Unknown)

An evil Necromancer plotting to take over the world. It is said that the dimensional shifting may all be due to some experiment of his, but he will neither confirm nor deny it. Planning to take over this world as well, he sees Gain and the others fighting and lends his strength… for now.

“Ah, the shadows of evil are whirling about here… what an interesting world!”

Fan art of Car-Pet, one of the more popular characters for scoring and standard runs.

Car-Pet (19)

Three years ago she competed in the Transcontinental Grand Aero Race, but she was shot down by Gain in the first area and retired. Since then, the mysterious girl has continued to pursue Gain. She might be a magic user, though its a mystery. She might be in love with Gain. As for why only her character art changed, that too is a mystery.

“They still haven’t made me the hero yet… those fools at Raizing have no sense at all!”

B. Wayne (29)

A young genius engineer and pilot. Together with his brother, the two of them alone built their fighter planes to destroy the military Federation. Although somewhat introspective, he possesses a strong sense of responsibility and tenacious personality. He pilots the 1st and 3rd ships of the G-Series.

“Our battle… is still not over yet?!”

J. Wayne (27)

Like his brother, a genius engineer who also happens to be exceptionally gifted at piloting and handling aircrafts. Without him, the wondrous G-series option system, borne of his vision, would not have been realized. However, his personality is such that when he gets stuck, he gets completely stuck, so he feels grateful to have his down to earth brother. He pilots the 2nd and 4th ships of the G-series.

“We’re not running away anymore…”

Enemy Characters


Sentenced to 500 years of hard labor; Class A criminal. He has cybernetically transformed 80% of his body, and it is widely rumoured that beneath his cloak, his form is not human. After breaking out of Deathwish Prison, he has committed all manner of illegal acts as President Gigayama’s right hand man, and his criminal history is currently in the process of being updated. The controls for the high mobility humanoid machine “RED” that he pilots are hardwired into his brain, and can respond precisely to the movements of his arms and legs. The particle lasers installed all over its body may not be capable of sustained fire; however, with their fierce destructive power and dead calm perfect aim, among mobile weapons of the same class RED is undoubtedly the strongest in the world.


Sentenced to 350 years of hard labor; a sadist to the core. Since losing her arm in the 2016 high altitude transport hijacking incident, she has had 3 cybernetic arms installed and now lives as a 4-armed human. With her support brain and 8 artificial eyes, the oppresive power of her four arms each independently wielding a gun is terrifying, and for this she is feared as the “Green Spider.” Her humanoid machine “GREEN” is fitted with countless machine guns capable of multidirectional firing, and its ability for all four arms to fire full-auto hides an unrivaled power. However, as a sadist, Sobut is always aiming and attacking her enemies’ vital and weak points, sapping their fighting spirit and power as she injures them piece by piece. It seems her machine is always needing repairs due to her chosen fighting style.

Close-up of the cover illustration showing three of Batrider's bosses: (L-R) Blunt with "cybercat Klingon" perched on this shoulder, cybernetic criminal Envy, and the four-armed arch-sadist Sobut.


Sentenced to 325 years of hard labor; a master hacker who loves sweets. The world wide net was nothing but a playtoy to him. Breaking through all cyber protections, he innocently steals and hacks data at his whim. This was the daily life he was most familiar with. On the net, no one can match him. But with his heavyweight class hover humanoid “YELLOW” which he controls with his limbs, Blunt has also worked for President Gigayama and Envy, who broke him out of prison. YELLOW’s strongest feature lies in its dual firing control system, half of which is controlled independently by his accomplice, the cybercat “Klingon.” Their ability to communicate on the net and perfectly coordinate their attacks may be this machine’s greatest strength.

Gigayama Tiger (56)

Key figure behind the transformation of Gigayama Food Corp., which mainly manufactured frozen food products, into Gigayama Industries. In particular, his brillance is recognized for the rapid growth resulting from the implementation of “Corporate Law,” which was designed to recover the economy from the post-Mancrise depression. Gigayama Industries changed its name to “Gigantech Cybertron” in 2002. Then, using its initial research into artificial limbs as a base, Gigantech focused its energy on cyborg research technology. However, receiving strong opposition from religious groups and governments opposed to the idea of modifying the human body, Gigayama removed himself from the center stage of the company and his public appearances became quite rare. And yet it is ironic that the main cause of Gigantech Corporation’s remarkable rapid expansion was the highly profitable sale of its mobile humanoid weapons, which themselves were spun off from Gigantech’s cyborg reseach technology.

At over 2 meters tall and having high ranks in numerous martial arts, Gigayama projects a haughty, cool composure. But he also possesses a powerful charisma, and is idolized by many in the criminal underworld.

Stage Introduction


Hey, D.D. here! We Zero Cops have been dispatched to New Battery Park in south Manhattan City, on orders to apprehend an armed bank robbery suspect. En route to the scene, there’s a huge hole in the road here! This thing is no pothole!!! Hurrying ahead, some of the city’s cyborg junkies attack us. But they’re no match for us, and after a quick thrashing we arrive at the scene! …suddenly a gigantic hover car bursts out of the bank wall!! These guys cut through the general police force line with ease and must be planning to escape to Zenovia. Damn, there’s no one here but us to stop them! Let’s go, Zero Cops! Time to round up these brutal robbers and arrest them all!

Megaclass Armed Hovercar “Conflict”

An armed hovercar that has attacked several banks, originally built by Gigantech Cybertron (GC Corp.) and sold as a firefighting machine. With its ability to travel over open water and put out fires on boats and ships on the spot, it was meant to be the next generation of firefighting machines. However… when it was being built at the factory, many were suspicious of the extremely powerful and difficult to handle high performance engine and the excessive horsepower of its mechanical arms, which all seemed unneccessary for firefighting. The unit currently being used by criminals is thought to be one of these vehicles, modified with weapons after being stolen.

Fire stations on every block are currently having their warehouses checked for stolen machine parts and equipment for this unit. From this incident, it appears their pattern of attack is to conceal themselves in the subway, and use the multi-purpose mechanical arm to smash the bank walls and break into the treasury.


Hey, you there! If you want to hear my story, gimme some money! What are you quivering there for? I’m joking! You can call me Birthday. Nice to meet you! We’ve been sent to the Zenovia International Airport on orders to find proof of GC Corp.’s weapon smuggling operation. What the hell! It looks like they’re deploying troops in this airport lobby! Are they preparing for war or something in here? The nerve! I’ll kill you all!

High Mobility Bomber “Buzzcock”

Intelligence has confirmed that 7 countries have engaged in arms smuggling of GC Corp. weapons. Of those seven countries, four of them are strong countries hostile to foreign powers, and it has been determined that allowing them any further smuggled weapons would be dangerous. On this basis, but without hard proof, the Zero Cops are sent in. The GC Corp’s weapons are both low cost and highly effective, with the lasers in particular being the best in the industry.

AIR PORT boss, "Buzzcock"

In addition to its two large cartridge style guns, Buzzcock is the first to be equipped with a high-powered laser sword and accompanying multi-optic cannon system. Despite being equipped with such highly destructive power, because it was primarily designed for wide-area bombing at high speeds, it is considered weak in close combat.


Hellloo! My name is Golden. Ahh… flying in the sky feels so good. When you’re this high, even that filthy city looks beautiful! Well… here we are above Manhattan. An unidentified aircraft was seen flying away from Zenovia, and we’ve been sent after it to investigate. Its a given that wherever we’re sent, danger awaits us… and just as we had thought, we’ve come into the middle of a weapons transport! Something must be up if they’re transporting weapons in broad daylight… but thats no concern of mine! After I take these guys out, I’ve got a date with a cutie!

Prototype Automated Patrol Robot “Boredom”

A machine created by GC Corp. for the purpose of suppressing urban insurgencies. It patrols the city by air, and when an incident occurs descends to the ground and pursues and apprehends the criminals. Its outer shell is highly mobile and composed of 5 parts, and it can give pursuit even in urban areas with densely packed buildings. Due to its relatively large size, it cannot proceed down narrow paths; however, its ability to release a large number of compact pursuit units solves that problem. On the first test day of its use it went berserk, killing 31 and critically injuring 326, and production has been suspended since that disaster.


Ugh, what the %$# is this smell!!?! Goddamn government sending me here! What the hell are they looking for in this shithole!?! Weapon manufacturing? Goddamn bullshit, there’s nothing like that…….wait! What the hell is this… this is no sewage treatment facility! And I’ve never seen weapons like this before… ah, shit! I almost got fried by that laser! Everyone, watch out! These are no normal weapons! What could they be planning, building things like this? Well, it doesn’t matter… cause Tag-T is gonna %#@! them up!

Positional Defense Model Mobile Fortress “Deviate”

Disguised as a sewer treatment facility, GC Corp. has been running a weapons smuggling operation underground. This machine was just about to be shipped off to the Middle East. It is equipped with 6 cannons capable of exchange to a different type in an instant as well as auto-detachment if destroyed. It also has 6 demountable simple gun cannons. The main cannon battery contains 2-3 additional replacement cannons for each unit. With these armaments, the machine is best suited for the role of positional defense in order to stall an enemy or buy time.


Having discovered the mastermind behind the recent series of events, we humble servants of the Buddha have successfully chased down the culprits to this virtual resort area in the heart of Zenovia. But it was a trap! We’re being attacked on all sides by heavily armed cybernetic criminals and heavy tanks… but these enemies are no match for the venerable Juuji. In the blink of an eye I shall sweep them all away! And yet… I feel an evil premonition. What awaits us at the end of this road…? Could it be those three…? It can’t be, we locked them away in jail. Or could it be that even the police force has fallen under their sway… anyway, there’s no time for that now! Here I go!


Having captured Envy and the others, the government has confirmed the involvement of the GC Corporation. in the recent string of criminal incidents and has ordered the Psychic Weapon team of Maria, Golden, and I, Strawman to make a frontal assault. The GC headquarters lies within the scummy shafts in the innermost depths of Zenovia Island, and to reach it we must pass through district A5. This area has become a slum, where people with no other place to go huddle together like insects. And so… it appears that GC Corp has put a huge bounty on ours heads. The inhabitants here have free use of all manner of weapons and are all attacking us. We must eliminate them. We have our orders. …what a tragic city. I cannot hear the voice of the Earth here…

Envy, Sobut, Blunt, Gigayama Tiger

Positional Defense Total Annihilator “Grubby”

As the years passed, an endlessly intricate cat and mouse game unfolded between the illegal arms operators and the government authorities charged with their regulation. Since GC Corp could not predict when the authorities might investigate their operation, to prepare for that eventuality they hurriedly developed and deployed the Positional Defense Total Annihilator “Grubby.” This machine acts as the last line of defense before District A1, where GC Corp’s fortified headquarters reside. Not even a single insect could escape the curtain of fire raining down from its 12 simultaneously firing submanipulators. It is a machine truly deserving of the name “Total Annihilator.”


We have successfully reached the President’s office here in GC Corp headquarters, and I’ve got my targets set straight on that bald bastard. But can you believe it? That bastard has turned his desk into a fortified defense! If he’s trying to sneak away, that’s not happening. Once you piss Shorty off you’re not going home in one piece. As we continue on our furious assault, I’m seeing these mysterious green capsules all over. And I think I see something human moving around inside them… that bastard… what the hell is he up to here? And now, before our astonished eyes, a figure appears….

Ultimate Magnetic Suppresion Craft “Discharge”

GC Corp’s secret experimental weapon, capable of using the energy derived from “master capsules” which contain harvested human life force. Those capsules achieved unimaginably incredible energy gains, and proved powerful enough to make the gigantic weapon Discharge float in midair. However, the Zero Cops have busted in before GC Corp was able to conduct actual field tests, so President Gigayama himself must now pilot it with no prior rehearsal. Due to the incredibly rare power of Gigayama’s life force, the output of energy to Discharge has far exceeded initial predictions; however, after only several minutes of operation it is completely destroyed, leaving only the emergency escape unit intact, whose effectiveness is not fully known. But with its AI support allowing simultaneous operation for its innumerable weapons, as well as the quick reaction times resulting from the personal human operator, it is undoubtedly one of the strongest weapons in the world.

Bonus! Batrider Character Popularity Poll Results!

Hello everyone, Chitta here! Thank you to everyone who participated in this poll! Or have you already forgotten that you voted? Ah, I am truly sorry it took so long to release these results! The organizers and myself must do some serious soul searching.

Fanart of Shorty, 3rd most-loved character according to this poll!

Favorite Characters to Use
1. Strawman
2. Carpet
3. Maria

Character you Love
1. Chitta
2. Gain
3. Shorty

Character you Hate
1. Carpet
2. Juuji
3. Strawman
3. D.D.

And there you have it, your number one character is… me, Chitta!

Chitta is deeply moved that you all love her so much. When I cut my hair I heard some people say things like “who’s this old lady?” and I was very blue! But like I say, if you just do your best and hold your head high you’ll make it! But when I think it was all thanks to you, my loving fans, I feel so grateful! Thank you, thank you! Ah yes, I changed my image again! How do you like it?

But aside from all that, I’m amazed that the “Favorite Characters to Use” and “Characters you Love” have no connection at all! It must be because the different characters’ ships all have such different abilities. But it feels a little sad… And Strawman, he’s the top character to use, but he’s also in the top 3 to hate! Many people said “his features are too strong so I don’t like him,” but for men, the struggles of their life are carved into their face, you know! Tee~hee, but what does a young girl like myself know of such things!

To everyone who supported this game, I won’t forget you! Let’s meet again in another game! Ok, goodbyeee!

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  1. The “Little Earth” terrorist group features in Soukyuugurentai, and reminds one of the developers’ remarks in another Raizing interview that they wanted to connect the worlds of the games.

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