This manga was released in October 1994, about a year after Mahou Daisakusen hit the arcades. It was officially endorsed by Raizing (its mentioned on their page), and they even lent the artist all their design notes and materials, a selection of which is included in back of the manga itself. This means it stays very faithful to the original story, while elaborating on relationships and the setting generally.

This is pulp stuff, but its fun, and matches the sense of humor Raizing had. I especially enjoyed the depiction of all the bosses and enemies!

Mahou Daisakusen – Manga Scanlation

PNG: Mahou Daisakusen (full, PNG, 330mb)

TIF: Bonus Material Only (11MB)

A few notes: These are high-res, and probably look best at 100% resolution. In fractional resolutions, the midtones look kind of weird. I left sound fx art in (didn’t want to disturb them or do complex cloning), so use your imagination there. I also did a couple fun “localization” touches which a fan of the game will recognize, but its all tasteful stuff that I don’t think will grate on anyone.