Golden Sun – 2001 Developer Interview

This 2001 interview with Nintendo Dream magazine saw Camelot Software Planning co-founders Hiroyuki and Shugo Takahashi discussing the creation of Golden Sun, a Nintendo-published RPG for the Game Boy Advance whose unique “psynergy” system and cutting-edge visuals drew great acclaim from players and critics alike. In the interview, the Takahashi brothers cover, among other topics, their prior experience working on RPGs like Dragon Quest and Shining Force, the concept of centering an RPG on “super powers” and their desire to buck the conventional RPG template.

Summer of Street Fighter II – 1991 Developer Interview

This Street Fighter II developer interview originally appeared in vol. 62 of Gamest, about six months after the initial arcade release. By that time, Street Fighter was exploding in popularity in both Japan and abroad, and the nascent fighting game scene was starting to find its footing. This interview focuses on that early community aspect more than development secrets (that territory has now been mostly explored for SFII, though there’s a couple new gems in here too).