Donkey Kong (1994) – Developer Interview

Donkey Kong (1994) – Developer Interview Taken from Shogakukan’s official strategy guide, this interview saw members of Nintendo and co-developer Pax Sofnica discussing the making of Nintendo’s 1994 Donkey Kong revival for Game Boy, with the discussion covering the genesis of the project, scrapped characters and concepts, utilizing the Super Game Boy and much more.… Continue reading Donkey Kong (1994) – Developer Interview

Capcom Partnership Project – 2000 Developer Interview

Taken from a 2000 issue of Arcadia magazine, this short interview with producer Tatsuya Minami outlines the motivation behind the Capcom Partnership Project, an initiative that saw Capcom partnering with various STG developers.

Contra x Shinobi – 2003 Developer Interview

Contra x Shinobi – Cross-Talk Interview Originally published in a January issue of Famitsu, this discussion between Contra: Shattered Soldier director/producer Nobuya Nakazato and Shinobi (PS2) director Toru Shimizu saw them discussing their reactions to their respective games’ reveals, the essence of “cool” in action games, presenting traditionally difficult games to modern audiences and more.… Continue reading Contra x Shinobi – 2003 Developer Interview