Skies of Arcadia – 2019 Developer Interview

Skies of Arcadia – 2019 Developer Interview

This massive, comprehensive Skies of Arcadia developer interview from 2019 was originally featured as a part of IGN Japan’s “Motto Kikasete!” series, hosted by MC Aoi Tatsuse. Featuring producer Rieko Kodama and director / writer Shuntaro Tanaka, it covers numerous aspects of the legendary Dreamcast RPG, including the crew and characters, the story and world design, the battle system, and much more!

Be sure to turn the subtitles on!

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  1. Thank you so much for this! With the relatively recent death of Rieko Kodama, I have been losing hope Skies of Arcadia will ever make a comeback so I’ve been sucking up anything I can get my hands on as this is one of my favorite RPGs. This was a delight to watch while playing my 100% run on Dolphin.

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