Ai Cho Aniki Endings

Ai Cho Aniki Endings

These were done on shmupforums at the request of (and have since been coded into the PC Engine rom). I think the silliness speaks for itself… Also, if you like Cho Aniki, be sure to check out the short interview with Kouji Hayama, who composed the music for the first Cho Aniki game, among others.

Ending A

As the two heroes dozed at the poolside, Benten stretched her beautiful limbs and dived into the water. The splash of water on their sunbaked skin felt like heaven. Relaxing this way, that battle was like some distant dream…

Empress BodyConscious… to fulfill the dying wish of her husband Emperor BodyBill, she pledged her life to revenge and conquest… and thus her life was spent. What a sad woman.

Idaten laughed to himself at this sentiment budding up in his breast. Then he gulped down the well-chilled protein at his side and headed off to the training room for some bench press…

Ending B

Empress BodyConscious’ dream of rebuilding the Builder Empire was smashed to pieces by the two heroes. The heroes were about to unleash their finishing move, “Sake Muscle Destruction,” on the injured Empress, when suddenly a long shadow stretched out before them…

It was the “Emperor BodyBill FX”, the miraculous fusion of the Emperor and the space alien FX! He radiated a tremendous power… but then! In their moment of despair, another alien opposed to FX appeared and fused with the two heroes!

Powered-up with new abilities, the two heroes were now known as “Adon PS” and “Samson SS.” A dreadful battle for the peace of the universe was about to begin. As for Idaten? They forgot he had ever existed, and he spent the rest of his life locked away in an underground prison deep beneath the surface of the Builder Planet.

Ending C

BodyConscious… Empress of the now deceased Emperor BodyBill, she united the remnants of the former Empire in a bid to establish the Neo Builder Empire. The two heroes were about to unleash their finishing blow “Double Muscle Agony Avalanche” to the injured Empress… when suddenly a voice rang out, stopping them!

Who’s voice, you ask? None other than Idaten, who was supposed to have been Conscious’ prisoner! Although he was only in her custody for a short while, love had grown between Conscious and Idaten. Entreating the two heroes for mercy, Idaten makes Conscious pledge to never again plunge the world into chaos, and, taking her hand, the two depart into the empty void of space. No one ever saw them again…

Ending D

The stormy battle was over, leaving only silence in its wake. Neo Builder Empress BodyConscious, wife of the now deceased Emperor BodyBuilder… her evil plans were thwarted by the efforts of the two heroes.


A shock was in store for the heroes when they rescued Idaten. Due to the repeated onslaught of the “Super Nutrition Cooking Attack,” he had become so fat they could hardly recognize him. Truly, Empress BodyConscious’ revenge was a fate worse than death…

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