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日本語でもどうぞ !

I take commissions and sometimes do interesting requests for free, so don’t be shy! Also, although I proofread these articles, I appreciate any corrections you (hopefully do not) find.

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shmuplations.com began as an outgrowth of the translations I started doing for shmupsforum around May 2012. I had only intended to do a couple as a “thank you” for all the community had given me, but it turned out to be so rewarding that I kept translating more and more. Eventually, after I had done around 50, I realized it would be a great loss if these weren’t archived somewhere in a more permanent fashion. I also wanted to add pictures, video, and more properly formatted text… like most forums, there was minimal formatting available.

The internet can be an incredible echo chamber of unconsidered and ignorant ideas, with discussion about games being no exception. So I (somewhat presumptiously) like to think that hearing game designers speak about their games helps to elevate the discourse for everyone, when such elevation is desired. ;) And hopefully it makes you want to dust these games off and enjoy them once again with a whole new perspective.


Q. Why do you sometimes use “STG” and other times “shmup” ?

A. STG, short for shooting game, is the way the Japanese refer to these games. Here in the west “shooting” usually brings to mind first person shooters, so the somewhat more gangly shmup is more common. Most enthusiasts will recognize either; I tend to use STG when it’s the term used in the original Japanese interview.

Q. Can I post your translations on my site/book/zine/etc?

A. I don’t have ultimate copyright control over the originating documents here, but a translator does own the product of his own work, so I’d prefer if you just linked to the interviews. But if you are interested in republishing a specific translation on your site/blog, just contact me and I doubt it will be a problem. I do want to avoid the unfortunate situation, after all, of information being lost over time (or only obscurely recoverable via archive.org) due to it being concentrated in single place. Also, feel free to translate these translations into another language like French/Spanish/etc.

Q. Do you do any translation into Japanese?

A. For very simple communications and practical things, yes. However, I and most translators will generally only translate into our native languages.

About the Translator

I began studying Japanese as a teenager, majored in it at UC Berkeley, and lived in Japan for a time afterwards. I sometimes work as a legal translator but really wish I was doing music full-time for work (or translations like these, haha).

I got into shmups only about 2.5 years ago, and my favorite game is Armed Police Batrider… I love Raizing! I’m not the greatest player but I have acquired enough competence to clear many of my favorite games:

Clear List (1-ALLs)
DDP-DFK (Bomb, Strong)
Mushihimesama (Original)
Mushihimesama Futari (Original)
Armed Police Batrider (Normal, Advanced, Special)
Battle Bakraid (Normal, Advanced, Special)
Battle Garegga
Mahou Daisakusen
Brave Blade
Air Gallet
Sengoku Blade
Gunbird 2
Strikers 1945
Strikers 1945ii
Dragon Blaze
Guardian Force

Special Thanks

The following people have supported or contributed to this site in one way or another and are dearly thanked: rancor, oxtsu, Aquas, NTSC-J, Muchi Muchi Spork, GaijinPunch, GlitterBerri, system11, MintytheCat, Andrew Taylor, rtw, trap15, Frenetic, Tyjet, undamned, Ghegs, emphatic, BIL, PC Engine Fan X!, DMC, Kurt Kalata… and probably many others I’m forgetting!