This very short Xexex blurb was something I translated as part of the series of Gradius interviews I did for shmupforums last year.

This interview was found at the GSLA, a Japanese a website that, among other things, preserves game developer interviews from older, now-defunct print sources. The GSLA often redacts the original interviewer questions, so the text ends up reading more like a narrative than an interview.

Xexex 1993 Development Team Interview

(Publication Unknown)

Our goal for Xexex was to change the image people had of Konami STGs as being “hardcore.” That’s why we added a cute girl. The plan was to add a girl so as to attract general players, not only hardcore gamers, but at Konami there was a lot of controvery over it right until the end.

For our image of Princess Irene La Tias, we lined up our various drafts on a table and each pointed out what we liked–her hair should be straight, she should have a necklace like this, etc. Her personality should be very reliable and a little easy-going. Planet E-Square is a peaceful, pastoral world, after all.


There’s no particularly deep connection between the Flint and Irene. Planet E-square was seeking help from outer space with the power of telepathy, and at the same time, they happened to discover the Flint. Now that peace has been restored, the Flint and the people of E-Square have established communications and continue friendly relations. The Flint have bonded with E-Square, and that’s how the planet has been brought back to life, I think.

Irene’s voice actress was Sumi Shimamoto. Since she’s a real pro, everything went smoothly. We didn’t have much memory left for the sound effects and vocals, though, so that was tough. But I’m glad we were able to work with her.